Watching the videos

The videos are all recorded in plain old MP4 so will play on any PC or mobile device which plays MP4 files. I highly recommend you maximize the screen at the start. Unfortunately Google Chrome and Safari reset the video if you maximize or minimize the screen it will play from the start. It's just the way they serve videos I'm afraid.

All videos stream off super fast Amazon S3 servers. They do not stream from the website. If they are slow or jitter then it's how your device is buffering the file. Often it takes 15 seconds to download the first section before it plays correctly.

Each video will show the length as you start to play it. We try to keep them at around 10-20 minutes each but some will be less or more depending upon the topic being discussed.

We provide both a normal and closed captioned video for those who are either hard of hearing or don't want the audio to play (if they are in a library for example).

It can be hard to see the maximize arrows because they are white. Here is a screenshot of the controls.

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    I can't even find the videos?


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    Hi I recently purchased a copy of 101Labs IP Submitting and 101Labs CompTIA Network+ books on Amazon last week and it says I can watch the instructor doing each lab on video and follow along.


    That saidcit doesn't tell you where to find access to the labs. Can you please send me the link to the 101 Labs CompTIA Network + as I'm working on this certification now and aso a link to 101 Labs IP submitting.


    Thank You Tom C


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