What's included in the membership?

You can access any course under the 'Courses' page. Please make sure it's live as we do list courses currently in development.

When you join you select which one or two courses you want to start with. That is usually more than enough because the average course here takes around a month to complete. Some are much longer such as CCNP ROUTE and some are much shorter such as MTA Desktop.

You pay a monthly membership fee of $20 and you can cancel anytime via your 'Account' page. For the membership fee you get:

  • Access to any live course (two at a time)
  • Access to members only forum
  • Access to the live Cisco rack
  • Access to bonus websites howtonetwork.com and .org
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    Paul Browning

    Log in and cancel under your account.




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    I want to cancel my membership as soon as possible.  What are the procedures to close the account?

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