Where are my courses?

When you join you elect which one or two courses you want to study. We put a fair use limit in place because there is over two years worth of study material on the site and it's growing fast.

If you need to get another course allocated please log a ticket and tell us what you need. Remember to add your username and e-mail.

All of your courses will be listed under 'My Courses' under the members tab. Please give us 24 hours to set you up.

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    andrew duncan

    I have been a member since 2013 and find now that I am unable to enrol on any more courses. I have tried to log a ticket but unable to find a tab or any pointer that allows me to create a ticket. I know I am old and my sight is failing but can anyone help me?

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    Paul Browning


    You can't see 'submit a ticket' on the top right? Or you can't use the forum?



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    Abdel Valdes

    Hello I am a new member, when login I do not see my username close to the login as you have it on the page: welcome back... only log out option. I requested MCSA access but I do not have it. I got a confirmation from Elizabeth I had the first MCSA part but when I go to my courses don't have nothing...

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    Maybe this WEB is a fake.. I sent a request.. but no one answer me..

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    So really getting irritated now. Can't get a hold of anyone....Elizabeth your tech never responds in timely manner. I paid for your courses over two weeks ago, can't access anything. Bought your book never got my subnetting questions $50 value. I appriciate your writing but this has been really irritating. My other emails tebogert t3bogert techbukto greenridgesolutions....I paid for account with t3bogert email through all emails have been sent to techbukto. please get this resolved or i will turn away from your website and future purchases....Thank You

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